UMBC Dedicates Choir Robes

By Media Minister |  February 24, 2014

SHAWNEE, OK - The Union Missionary Baptist Church Cathedral Choir dedicated new mantles unto the Lord during the morning worship on February 23, 2014.  Prior to the reading of the Dedication Litany, Pastor Fields spoke briefly about the beautiful voices, vessels, instruments and now the attire of the choir.  Pastor Fields noted each of theses were all attributes of Satan himself before His fall.  Pastor Fields encouraged the choir to maintain a spirit of humility and submission unto the Lord. 

The choir is lead by the talented and spirit lead Minister Barry Buckley.  Minister Buckley lead choir in singing two Negro Spirituals in honor of Black History Month, namely  "Anyhow" and "Steal Away Home."  Additionally, Minister Buckley played an original piece he composed called "Running" based on Ecclesiastes 9:11.

Truly, it was a great day in the Lord as Pastor Fields closed the worship with a sermon entitled, "Lessons from Leftovers" from John 6:1-14. It is Union's prayer that these new choir mantles bring a double portion of God's spirit to the choir and the membership of UNION. (2 Kings 2:9)