Our History

Union Baptist Church was organized in August 1926 as a result of a merger between White Chapel Baptist Church and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  The first pastor was J.W. Hawkins.  The Deacons were selected from the previous two churches.  They were Robert Scales, Matthew Lawson, Jackson Davis, D. Hudson, Claude Ollison, Charley Graves and Richard Harper. From the membership of the two churches, a full staff of officers were chosen by unanimous vote and the first worship services were held on the first Sunday of September in 1926.

From 1935 to 1943, Union was led by a number of different pastors who provided the special guidance desperately needed by the newly organized church.  Those men of God were Pastor Ulysses White, Pastor Inman, Pastor Washington, Pastor Rowland, and Pastor Bond.

J.C. West was the pastor for 1943 to 1948.  He brought with him a variety of new ideas and enthusiasm.  A church paper entitled, "The Union Baptist Messenger" was published and the Velma Wilson Hawkins' Flower Garden was instituted to celebrate our mothers every Mother's Day. 

From 1948 to 1951, Rev. H.P.  Parris served as pastor.  From 1951 to 1954, Rev. M.L. Sanders was called to pastor Union.  Under the Leadership of Pastor Sanders, Union supported a daytime nursery and established a church library.  The choir loft and baptistery were added to the sanctuary.  The basement was also remodeled and twin towers with lighted crosses were added to the existing building.

Rev. Prince Albert Felder served as pastor from 1954 to 1959.  During his leadership, the abstract and deed were cleared, the mortgage was paid off and Union experienced continued growth.

In August 1960, Rev. William K. Arnold was called to pastor Union.  He served Union until 1971.  During his leadership a number of organizational changes were made.  Pastor Arnold was instrumental in starting a building fund.  Many repairs were made to the parsonage. The house was unoccupied at the time and was demolished to in order to pave a new parking lot, install new lighting and landscape the church property.  Blue prints for a new church were put on the drawing board.  The Union Church  was legally declared to Union Missionary Baptist Church in July of 1961. After many years of dedicated service to Union and the community, Pastor Arnold would resign to move into another field of service.  Pastor Arnold would go on to produce many sons in the ministry, which included Rev. Dr. Allen Threatt III, who would become the father in the ministry to Union's current pastor, Rev. Darryl K. Fields.

Rev. R. M. Nash served as pastor after a short period without pastoral leadership.  In 1972, Rev. Charles D. Fisher, Jr. accepted the position of pastor and remodel of the original church structure was completed.  Dedication services were held on August 12, 1973.  In February of 1974, Pastor Fisher resigned from Union.

Rev. Clifton Broadous served as the interim pastor.  In May of 1974, Rev. Cliet W. Wilburn was called to pastor Union.  Pastor Wilbur introduced a number of missionary activities during his tenure as pastor.  But, there was none more enduring than the church mission that remains to this day, "Union, a church that preaches, reaches and teaches the love of Christ."  Pastor Wilburn resigned due to illness in May 1980.

Rev. Estee McClendon served as pastor for a short period of time in 1981.  Then Rev. Wilmer E. Cooper served from 1981 to 1984.  In 1984 Rev. Clifton Broadous, Sr. was called as pastor.  Vans were purchased, the budget grew, the parsonage was rebuilt, copy machines and hymnals were also purchased.  The Hall of Faith was also dedicated to honor charter members of Union.  In December of 2001, Pastor Broadous resigned as pastor of Union.  In July 2002, Rev. David I. Dawson was called as pastor.  God instituted a new beginning that included the purchase of a new billboard.  On November 9, 2009 Pastor Dawson resigned as pastor of Union.

Rev. Darryl K. Fields was called to pastor Union on July 30, 2010.  Union's vision and mission under Pastor Fields found roots in the deep history of this great church.  The Vision and Mission are espoused every Sunday during the Call to Worship.  In deed, Union is "The Church that Preaches, Reaches and Teaches the love of Christ."  Pastor Fields and Lady-Elect Danielle Threatt-Fields were installed in September 2010.  They have become a vital part of the Shawnee Community and have been welcomed with open arms. 

Pastor Fields has shared God's vision for the Union Missionary Baptist Church.  The vision began by organizing the church's business model, the bereavement policies, the ratification of  church bylaws, an annual church budget, yearly goals, quarterly business meetings, and the church logo was created.  The church has also launched a web site located at www.umbc-shawnee.com, which includes staff emails for easy of contact. 

The Union Missionary Baptist  church has seen the mass choir grow spiritually and numerically during Pastor Fields' tenure.  The choir has been lead by the talented and anointed Minister Barry Buckley.  The choir is regularly called upon to serve through song as result of their application of Psalms 33:3. The Psalm exhorts us, "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise."   

Union has also undergone a complete interior church remodel under Pastor Fields' tenure.  The remodel began in December 2011 with the demolition of the sanctuary and fellowship hall.  The congregation met at the Shawnee Community Center during the transition and experienced numerically and spiritual growth.  The interior remodel was completed and the inaugural march into the worship  service was lead by Pastor Fields on Easter Sunday 2012.  The remodel included a new media room in the loft, new sound and video equipment, new pew and pulpit furniture and total restructuring of the pulpit, choir stands, classroom and fellowship hall.  Restrooms and the pastor's study was updated, as well.  As Pastor Fields continues to follow Christ in his leadership, may it be our prayer that all who enter into this sanctuary strive to see the Savior in their character, conduct and conversation.